Video on the Internet is EXPLODING!

The internet is now a critical component in almost everything we do and there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue to grow. Since fast and affordable internet connections are now commonplace, it makes sense to use the power of video to get traffic to your website. Statistics indicate that people are spending more time online than watching TV. Here are the numbers for 2011:

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Video, once used for entertainment purposes only, has exploded in the arenas of  instruction, subject matter expertise and enhanced search engine ranking. When making a video to drive traffic to your website, think of it as a commercial. Viewers like to be informed and entertained. Your web production should be no different.

A video is an ideal way to demonstrate your product or service and attract important visitors to your website. There are currently about 30 sites that will host your videos. To realize the maximum benefit from your video you should consider posting your clip to all of these sites. Does that sound like a daunting task? That’s where we can help!

Combined with a social media presence, web based video production can attract more customers and that can translate into sales.

Take a look at the social media statistics below to see the power of internet communication. Then, use the contact page on this website to get started with V2P!